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The Five Best Way of Using Essential Oils
  for Health and Healing:
This is the use of essential oils on hot compress, using diffusers, or onto hot water for inhalation. Standard dose is 10 drops. Best for respiratory and sinus, headaches. 
Caution: prolonged inhalation of concentrated essential oils can cause headaches, vertigo, dizziness, nausea, and lethargy.
Put oil on water immediately before entering bath, disperse. Can be mixed with 1/2 to 1 cup sesame oil or milk then poured into bath. A 1/2 ounce bottle is a perfect size for a bath blend.
Add 2 or more essential oils using up to 7 or 8 drops to total to carrier oil. Pour this into tub. Aromatic baths are excellent for skin problems, circulatory problems,
respiratory symptoms, stress and nervous tension, insomnia, muscular and menstrual pains. 
overuse of essential oils in the bath can cause irritation. Use only mild, non-irritating oils.
10 drops oil in 4 oz hot water, soak cloth, wrap. Good for bruises, wounds, muscular aches and pains, dysmenorrhea, skin problems.
Facial Steam: 1-5 drops on hot water in a pot, cover head with a towel, steam face. Excellent for opening sinuses, headaches, skin treatment.
There are various types of diffusers on the market, with different advantages and disadvantages.
Candle diffusers:
usually a heat resistant vessel for water and essential oils, and a heat resistant platform that holds the vessel over a small candle.
very simple to use, provide light  background fragrance. 
Disadvantages: does not produce strong concentration for therapeutic benefits
Electric Heat Diffusers:
small absorbent pads are placed inside a heating chamber with ventilation that allows the aromatic compounds to evaporate into the surrounding air. Advantages: easy  to use, minimal maintenance, can diffuse thicker oils. 
Disadvantages: Heat damages some aromatic compounds. Other methods by adding essential oils to room humidifiers.

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                                      ENGLISH NAME /BOTANICAL NAME
              Bay Leaf Oil Pimento/ Racemosa
                            Black Pepper Oil/ Piper nigrum
                                          Calamus Oil/ Acorus calamus
                                          Cambodge Oil/ Garcinia cambog
                        Capsicum Oil /Capsicu
                          Caraway Seed Oil /Carum carvi
                                                       Cardamom Oil /Elettaria cardamonuum
                                                           Cassia Oil/Cinnamomum cassia
                                                     Celery Oil/Apium graveolens
                                                     Chillies Oil/ Capsicum annum L
                                                  Cinnamons Oil/ Cinnamomum verum
                                          Cinnamon Bark Oil/ Cinnamomum verum
                                                                Clove Oil/ Syzygium aromaticum
                                                     Clove Bud Oil/ Eugenia caryophyllata
                                        Coriander Seed Oil/ Coriandrum sativum
                                                      Cumin Oil/ Cuminum cyminum
                                                Curry Leaf Oil/ Murraya koenigii (L.)
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Essential oils are used extensively in aromatherapy and
various traditional medicinal systems. Due to the numerous
health benefits of essential oils, they are increasingly being explored by the scientific
community for the treatment of a variety of diseases including :
cancer, HIV, asthma, bronchitis, heart strokes, and many more.
There are more than 90 essential oils, and each has its own health benefits.
Most essential oil blend well with  other essential oils in terms of function and odor,
which allows herbalists to prepare a vast repertoire of aromatic essential oil
combinations. Below is a list of essential oils that are currently being widely used
or researched.
Most of these oils are quite strong in nature and can cause side effects,
if they are not taken in an appropriate manner and dose.
Furthermore, their individual benefits are variable, so you should consult
a medical practitioner before using these oils, either internally or topically.
In some cases in this article, the benefits of the herb are also provided in greater
detail on a separate page,
so feel free to click on any of those essential oils to know
the full extent of its health benefits.

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