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Treatments for Alzheimer's and other conditions
Natural ways to Care for your Pet's


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Treatments for Major and Minor Health Conditions


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August 2013

Treatments for Alzheimer's and other conditions

Well it seems like a good day to talk about severe health concerns that we all worry about, "Cancer, Alzheimer's, Mental health. MS and the growing list of new diseases that are discovered as time goes by. 
Anyways Here we go,
Those of you  who are looking for Factual  Scientifically Supported  Evidence on just how beneficial  Cannabis Medical Treatments are will find  a link to a online book, Called: 
" The Pot Book" 
It is very long, extremely informative, at times confusing and perplexing and could change the way you think and treat future ailments.

Natural ways to Care for your Pet's

I have hear different answers about  the use of garlic on your pets, some say that it will keep fleas and ticks from bothering your pet's, and I have read in magazines that garlic is bad for your pets. Anyone out there know what's really true?

Great Information Sites? Post them here!

It would be very beneficial to everyone who is either is just learning about Essential Oil's or those of us who have been doing this for a while to post sellers and sites  that sell faulty products, cheap oil's or just flat rip you off. 
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